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Transform clean energy

into life

Transform clean energy

into life

Transform clean energy

into life

Transform clean energy

into life


  • General Questions

    1.Why does “Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Limited” choose to rename as “Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited” at this point of time?

    Answer: The Group is currently a fully integrated photovoltaic group. In 2013, the Group expanded into downstream solar power generation. The expansion has successfully transformed the Group from, previously, an upstream solar products manufacturer into a fully integrated solar company with downstream solar power generation assets. The Group has future plans to expand into the business of energy storage and other forms of renewable or clean energy. The Group has the ambition to become a leading renewable and clean energy enterprise. With the above plans in mind, management considers that the change of company name will provide the Company with a new corporate image and to reflect the Company’s strategy to diversify the business of the Group.

    2.What is the core business of Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited?

    Answer: Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Limited is principally engaged in construction and operation of solar power plants, manufacturing of related solar products, solar energy storage and integrated photovoltaic business and other clean energy related business.

    3.How’s the geographical distribution of the company business?

    Answer: Our business mainly focuses in China. Overseas business includes United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany etc.

    4.Who is the company’s key competitor?

    Answer: The group has acquired / invested in a number of companies in 2014. The group has manufacturing capacity in solar wafer, cells and panels, technologies in energy storage, building of solar power plants and also operation and maintenance. This vertical integration is unique and there is no other company which is comparable in this complete value chain.

    5.How is the company’s corporate governance?

    Answer: Good corporate governance is conducive to enhancing overall performance, transparency and accountability and is essential in modern corporate administration. The Board continuously observes the principles of good corporate governance in the interests of shareholders and devotes considerable effort to identifying and formalizing best practice.

  • Financial Questions

    1.Who is the Company’s current auditor?

    Answer: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is our current auditor.

    2. What is the Company’s fiscal year?

    Answer: The Company operates on a calendar year from January 1 to December 31.

    3. What is the Company major source of funds?

    Answer: The Company’s major source of funds include cash on hand, bank loans and others.

    4. Who are the Company’s principal banker?

    Answer: The Company’s principal bankers are China Construction Bank Changzhou Wujin Subbranch, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank and Industrial and Commercial China Changzhou Branch.

  • Stocks Questions

    1. Who are the Company’s major shareholders?

    Answer: The Company single largest shareholder is Peace Link Services Limited which is wholly owned by Faithsmart Limited which is in turn wholly owned by Mr. Cheng Kin Ming.

    2. What is the Company’s dividend payout in the past and now?

    Answer: The Company plans to re-invest income into developing more solar power plants and does not have an immediate plan for dividend payout.

    3. How can I contact company’s share registrar?

    Answer: The Company’s share registrar is Computershare HK Investor Services Ltd, and their contact number is (852) 2862-8628.

    4. When is the next shareholders’ meeting?

    Answer: The next shareholders’ meeting will be held around the 2014 annual results announcement period, please pay attention to our announcements later.

    5. What is the requirement to participate in the Company’s shareholders’ meeting?

    Answer: To participate in the shareholders’ meeting, you will need to hold the Company shares, either in the form of physical certificates or digital shares on or before the specific date set for the shareholders’ meeting (ie during which period no transfer of shares in the Company will be effected after that date) . Please refer to the shareholders’ meeting announcement later.

  • Other Questions

    1. Apart from announcements and company website, is that other way I can get updates about the company

    Answer: You can get updates about the company through our PR agency, contact: info@lbs-comm.com

    2. Is company currently involved in any litigation?

    Answer: No, the company is not currently involved in any litigation.